Pet Sitting

Cats love their familiar surroundings and routines and are highly territorial animals. If you’ve already tried the cattery route, you may have noticed a higher level of stress in your kitty. A cat sitter eliminates the need to send your cat elsewhere and they can be looked after in the warmth and comfort of their own home.


If you’re out for the weekend or on holiday I can pop in to feed and fuss your cat and empty the litter tray. Visits will last 20 minutes and can also include any other odd jobs that need doing such as watering the plants, topping up bird feeders and opening/closing the blinds.


It’s not just kitties that need a bit of extra care when we’re away. I have experience with many different animals including ferrets, tortoises and house snakes. However, for these more exotic and unusual pets, I will need detailed information about what is required.


For costs please check the prices page. I cover all areas within a 5 mile radius of Seaton/Colyford as well as Axminster and Lyme Regis.