dog walking
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I am currently unable to take on new dog walking clients at this time. However I am still available for cat and small animal sitting.


Dogs love going for walks; whether it’s an hour romp through woodland trails or a quick trot round the block, our pooches appreciate every second. Daily walks are a vital part of our dog’s lives.

Provide them with regular walks and they will be happier, calmer and live longer.

On-lead walks provide structure for our dogs, as well as helping to maintain that all important bond between canine and human. Off-lead walks are fun for all, a time to run and play and just be a dog.

If your dog is showing unwanted behaviour, it may simply be because he or she is not getting enough exercise. Daily walks challenge the body and mind and keep our dogs stimulated, providing an outlet for their energy. This ensures a much calmer and balanced dog in the home.